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The Trusted Trading Partner since 1987

The Avighna Group has its roots in Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC, founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1987 as a company providing shipping solutions for specialized petroleum products. The company scaled up operations with forward integration and emerged as an eminent trading firm with its own vessels for transportation within the European and Asian markets. Over time, the company ventured into allied sectors and this marked the advent of Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC as a dominant enterprise in UAE, providing shipping services and solutions to customers across continents.

Starting out with a solitary tanker of its own in 1993, in less than a decade, Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC became one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, with a fleet of 17 vessels and an annual turnover of over US$100 million. While the company exited its Shipping portfolio in early-2000s and shifted its focus to other verticals, the robust commercial success of the shipping business set the foundation for the Group’s solid foray into the real-estate sector.