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Currently well into construction, One Avighna Park will offer utmost luxury living in harmony with eco-conscious practices in the heart of Mumbai. The 61-storey twin residential towers boast an impressive green architecture, comprising 293 sprawling apartmenta of 3, 4, 5 Bed Sky Villas & Limited Edition Duplex Apartments as well as spacious penthouse suites, embraced with private decks, plunge pools, spectacular views, world-class amenities, exquisite designs and manicured surroundings.

The desire driving the project to be known as the tallest eco-friendly building within the concrete jungle of Mumbai is evident in the iconic details.

The most impressive feature is the crown of the building designed by principal architect Vivek Bhole, emulating the aesthetic quality of a sheltering tropical oasis above. A grid houses the bursting vegetation at the top of the residences, and when paired with the installed mood lighting, this creates an impressive skyline silhouette at sunset.

This breathtaking crown is a symbol of Avighna’s commitment to preserving the environment through sustainable design that keeps the natural world top of mind.

This is where function precedes form, with every amenity serving a specific purpose instead of add-ons for mere aesthetic value. With green certification a must, the company mandate was to integrate sustainable and responsible construction processes from the beginning. Interior design was held in compliance with Vastu experts; an ancient scientific concept similar to feng shui that strikes a balance between directional alignments and the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. With generous room sizes, sky high ceiling space, and the serene oasis of greenery on the terrace, from above and permeating every inch of the home, One Avighna Park is an extravagant residence for the eco-conscious buyer.

Designed to keep service personnel in the background of every day life, residents will feel liberated by the lack of imposing on their personal space. A separate access route bypasses the main lobby and facilitates domestic staff movement.

Located in Lower Parel, the retail center of Mumbai, superbly connected to Eastern Expressway, the Sea Link, Bandra Kurla Complex, and South Mumbai, One Avighna Park is a true urban oasis with 1 lakh square feet of open space for recreation, a fully equipped business club, natural daylight and eco-friendly initiatives every step of the way.

All of the building’s structures are self-sufficient and constructed to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment and existing infrastructure. In a growing city like Mumbai where the infrastructure cannot support the population, cluster redevelopment makes perfect sense. As such, this project incorporates a sewerage plant, additional electricity substations and the expansion of roadways, which will reduce the burden while conserving natural resources. It is the company’s hope that the Residences at One Avighna Park will achieve landmark status, raising living standards and positively impacting the community.

One Avighna Park is a symbol of tasteful opulence and eco-conscious luxury living. Some of its innovative features include rain-water harvesting, natural light and ventilation, ample greenery for temperature control, solid-waste management, use of low-emission eco-friendly material, and intelligent energy-efficient LED lighting systems. The apartments were designed for optimal use of air-conditioning considering natural airflow and wind directions (which saves energy costs and 50% of Property Tax- proposed by Mumbai Municipality to incentivize green projects). With a bouquet of such features, One Avighna Park has earned Platinum Pre-Certification under IGBC’s Green Homes rating system.

In addition, the property has already been awarded 39 prestigious  awards including Best Residential High Rise Development in the entire World for two consecutive years – 2012 and 2013.

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