Nishant Agarwal

As the Managing Director for Avighna India Ltd., Nishant Agarwal brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. From establishing design and structural planning to implementing cutting edge marketing and sales strategies, Nishant oversees operations at Avighna from the ground up.

As an impressive academic achiever, Nishant holds an MBA from MIT Sloan in addition to an undergraduate degree in Economics from Babson College. Nishant demonstrates strategic leadership, playing a crucial role in key management while overseeing the company’s financial investments. His management of projects from conceptual to concrete permits a seamless process with quality assurance and attention to detail at every stage. During his days as a student, Nishant’s social initiatives included acting as captain of the cricket team and as a dedicated member of both the Finance Club and Real Estate Club, where he explored the interests that would later pave the way for his career at Avighna.

Nishant has worked at ICICI Venture Funds in Mumbai, Focus Infomatics in the United States, and Citigroup in London, where he learned effective management tools for both small startup companies and multinational giants. His extensive experience in different markets brings a unique perspective to his work at Avighna, where his primary interest is providing consumers with quality real estate options. Nishant’s extracurricular engagements include being an avid skier and expeditioner, keen to explore the most remote locations in the world. His first project with Avighna, Nishika Terraces, is a testament to Nishant’s work; the 18-storey luxury building remains one of the most sought-after residential spaces in Asia. With Nishant’s managerial direction, Avighna is poised to meet the growing demands of luxury real estate in India.

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