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Kailash K. Agarwal is a distinguished leader at the height of his career: a global entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and Chairman of Avighna India Ltd. Having built a multinational business spanning three continents, his nearly 30 years of professional experience has taken him to the finest metropolitan centers across the globe. Beginning with the exports division at Ashok Birla Group, Mr. Agarwal has made an impression on every industry he’s lent his expertise from shipping to import and export and finance to real estate.

Mr. Agarwal approaches each real estate development as the opportunity to improve the functionality and feel of a neighbourhood and, through osmosis, the quality of daily life residents experience within the walls of his buildings. Having foreseen the need for large-scale developments within the densely populated city of Mumbai, Mr. Agarwal’s newest venture, One Avighna Park, reflects his desire to emulate the standard of living in other global cities while retaining local customs. As Mumbai’s first cluster development, the towers will provide homes that complement traditional Indian lifestyle needs while implementing amenities like ample parking, sewerage treatment plant to recycle and conserve water, and exquisite outdoor landscaping to nearly 6000 citizens. Highly regarded as a trailblazer in the luxury real estate market in India, Mr. Agarwal defines and upholds the standards within the premium-housing niche.

As an accomplished businessman, Mr. Agarwal firmly believes ethical and honest practices that contribute to the greater good have allowed his company to flourish organically. With a mandate to give back to India through his philanthropic ventures and business’ evolution, Mr. Agarwal supports numerous social causes and organizations. His guidance has focused the company’s charitable pursuits into tangible change: he led the reconstruction of a village of Gujarat following its 2001 earthquake and financed the return of more than 700 Indian workers, without proper permit, from the UAE.

Fondly referred to as Kailashji by his peers, Mr. Agarwal is a member of the Rotary Club Foundation and serves as Permanent Governor of the Indian Business Promotion Council in Sharjah, where he frequently lends support to the literary and cultural arts. Among his numerous charitable pursuits, Mr. Agarwal has been among the highest donors of the Rotary Club Foundation. He is just as devoted to uplifting society and disadvantaged groups as he is to expanding his business operations. Mr. Agarwal’s dedication to improving Mumbai is genuine, with his work permeating the very infrastructure he seeks to mend. With his real estate developments setting the stage for premium boutique accommodations within the growing metropolis of Mumbai, Mr. Agarwal is highly regarded as an empathetic man with the power to create change that will improve the community for all its residents.

Chairman's Message

I began my career in Dubai in the late 1980s, though our family ties to India were always held dearly. Over the past two decades, our business has grown considerably as I’ve transcended industries, diversifying our product and explored ways to improve city functionality. I view real estate as an opportune investment – in the growth of a city and in the future of the public. We are all in search of a ‘home sweet home’ where our ambition can be realized and our dreams can unfold within the most beautiful of surroundings. Having experienced the difficult task of searching for a quality home first hand, I knew there was a need to expand the luxury real estate market in Mumbai. That is why we created Avighna.

Our dedicated team develops a stunning product, with integrated green initiatives to appeal to the eco-conscious customer, providing more value to you while saving energy. We stand out from the crowd in order to stand for the highest quality. Moreover, my hope is that implementing sustainable housing units in consideration of preserving the environment will raise the standard for future real estate developments to follow suit.

I am constantly inspired by the words that guide my business philosophy: “While some dream of worthy accomplishments, others stay awake and do them.” Our team is actively growing, constantly in search of new projects that will take Avighna down a diverse path yet again. Keeping an open mind has given me ample opportunity to evolve my vision and my company. I’ve always believed opportunities don’t just occur – they’re created.

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