Board of Advisors

Karun Srivastava

Karun Srivastava -

A retired civil servant with 38 years of experience in governance and administration, Karun now advises numerous companies and agencies. He holds a Masters degree from Lucknow University and has worked within the Government of Maharashtra as a Municipal Commissioner, Metropolitan Commissioner, and Chairman of the Finance Commission. Previously, Karun lent his knowledge to the Ministry of Works & Housing division in the Government of India offices. Currently, Karun is the Chairman of the Independent Monitoring Panel for World MUTP, Chairman of SWAJAN, and a Member of the Indian Institute of Public Administration.

V Rajkumar

V Rajkumar -

As a senior executive director, Mr. Rajkumar led a multinational company with headquarters in Dubai. He has established and managed 15 companies throughout Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Turkey. Presently, he is a business consultant who advises real estate developers and building architects.

Govardhan Kathuria

Govardhan Kathuria -

Govardhan is a financial consultant with a breadth of experience within the realm of banking. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters degree from the Fortune Institute of International Business. Govardhan has held past positions of CFO of the State Bank of India and CEO of Hinduja Group India Ltd. As a Director, he has previously worked with the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Renuka Ramnath

Renuka Ramnath -

With nearly three decades of experience in the Indian financial sector, Renuka has applied her skills across the sectors of investment banking, structured finance and private equity. Having pioneered private equity investments in India, Renuka is dedicated to supporting budding entrepreneurs in their quest to build sustainable business models while improving the Indian economy at large. She built the investment banking, structured finance, e-commerce, and private equity businesses in the ICICI group; much before each of these terms became ubiquitous in Indian marketplace. In 2009, Renuka founded Multiples Alternate Asset Management Pvt Ltd, a private equity advisory firm which manages over $400 million of Indian and International capital. Renuka holds a Bachelor of Engineering from VJTI and an MBA in Finance from the University of Bombay in addition to completing the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. In 2002, she was awarded IMM’s Best Women Entrepreneur Award.

Ghanshyam Dass

Ghanshyam Dass -

As a Senior Advisor at KPMG, Ghanshyam assists in developing sound business practices that optimize synergies between markets. Throughout his 32-year career, he has worked in both domestic and international banking markets, developing a global approach to business strategies.  Ghanshyam’s voice is significant in promoting Indian corporations worldwide and he often lends his expertise to speaking panels and conferences, like the World Economic Forum, throughout Asia and the Middle East. With an Honours Bachelor Degree in Economics from Delhi University and a Masters in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ghanshyam’s mandate is to strengthen relationships through his business experience.

Shailesh Vaidya

Shailesh Vaidya -

As partner at Messrs. Kanga and Company, one of the oldest law firms in Mumbai, Shailesh is part of the leading team of advocates and solicitors in the city’s real estate sector. Shailesh serves as director of several public companies such as Siyaram Silk Mills Limited and Apcotex Industries Limited, utilizing his specialization in real estate matters. India Business Law Journal awarded the firm as the best legal practice in construction and real estate. In his spare time, Shailesh acts as the Vice President of Indian Merchants’ Chamber and has served as President of the Rotary Club of Bombay.

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Executive Management

Kailash K. Agarwal - Chairman
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Nishant Agarwal - Managing Director
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