Under the leadership of the Agarwal family, Avighna is now a hub of energetic, highly skilled professionals striving to further the company’s interests. If there is one thing, a mantra so to say, that binds all of Avighna’s activities together; it is the quest for perfection.

Executive Management

Kailash K. Agarwal - Chairman - View bio »
Nishant Agarwal - Managing Director - View bio »

Board of Advisors » View bios »

Shailesh Vaidya
Ghanshyam Dass
Renuka Ramnath
Govardhan Kathuria
V Rajkumar
Karun Srivastava

Senior Management Team » View bios »

Nandkishore Saraf - Head of Finance
Carl Bhesania - AVP (Architecture & Design)
Lalit Rungta - Head of Operations & Planning

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