Guiding Principles

At Avighna, superior quality reigns supreme. The company is here to offer distinguished properties that foster community within the luxury real estate market. Whether you’re an architect, an employee working in one of our completed towers, or a sales associate, Avighna demands an attitude of excellence in every stage of the business’ operations. Avighna is prepared to meet new challenges while maintaining a firm commitment to the company’s core values.

Excellence Reflex

The team at Avighna demands the best in all stages of development, and while the operation thrives in its management, the company outsources to ensure diversity in building materials, engineering technology, and creative direction. With the excellence reflex, the team responds to your demand for a quality end-product above all else.

Creative Innovation

Known for innovation in architectural design and for establishing engineering solutions, every Avighna creation stands tall and proud with a unique edge above others on the market. Treating every project as its own isolated business, Avighna offers the maximum value for both investors and customers, with precise attention paid to the details. The company designs each structure with its own needs in mind, making convenience a fore thought and desirable amenities a must.


The Avighna team is always on the move. Whether it’s investigating a new borough or an about-to-burst cultural hub, the staff keeps its ear to the ground to anticipate where your desires span. In choosing prime locations, the company ensures you’ll love where you live. The team’s determination means results are turned around promptly and projects are effectively managed. Avighna’s employees know how critical it is to maintain momentum, paying strict attention to detail and promising only what can be delivered. With practicality at the essence of every project that’s executed, Avighna’s focus is on delivering the best quality as opposed to quantity. For instance, the team would rather provide highly functional, well-planned amenities in lieu of extra offerings that compromise integrity.

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