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Avighna India Ltd. is a leading real estate company in India. The group commands worldwide attention for continually setting new benchmarks in the premium niche market.

Initially operating as a company providing shipping solutions to specialized petroleum products, the company forward integrated to trading by using its own vessels for transportation within the European and Asian markets. The company also began new ventures in related fields – ship breaking, purchasing retired ships, and breaking them down to sell the by-products and scrap. Thereafter, the company known as Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC in the UAE expanded its shipping services to provide further solutions to customers when the need arose. This attitude of adaptability ushered in a wave of success as the company expanded rapidly across industries. Creating useful answers and ethically-sound solutions, the corporation’s willingness to change direction has ensured this constant growth.

In 1999, the company relocated to Mumbai and was reincarnated as Avighna India Ltd. Steeped in cultural heritage, the name Avighna is synonymous with Lord Ganesha, the God of new ventures. Meaning “without obstacles,” it personifies the company’s determination as its team has consistently evolved to meet obstacles head on. Over the last 25 years, each hindrance faced became an opportunity to explore new ways of transforming the business.

In search of an appropriate home in Mumbai for his family, Chairman Kailash Agarwal discovered the lack of quality luxury housing in the market. Even the top choices offered only a mediocre accompaniment to the Indian culture and international lifestyles, prompting him to branch out yet again.

In just a decade since the company forayed into real estate development, Mumbai has been accentuated with Avighna’s multiple impeccable creations. The portfolio showcases a diverse range of premium properties including luxury residential high-rises, office towers, and mixed-use developments that match Indian heritage with global aesthetics. Every little detail from architecture to amenities is designed to serve the distinct needs of Indian families. Each creation is a testament of Avighna’s guiding principle of keeping function over form and quality over quantity.

As the future unfolds, the company plans to add more signature landmarks to Mumbai, expand to the city’s suburbs, and eventually extend reach to the other burgeoning areas of the country.

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