Avighna welcomes highly motivated, enthusiastic, and creative individuals with a drive for excellence, a passion for growth, and an eye for detail. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, connect with Avighna and be part of a young, growing, and innovative team that is continually setting new industry standards. At Avighna, employees are revered as the biggest assets; the team likes to grow people, their careers, and their prospects on the horizon. Adaptability is a must at Avighna – you may be asked to sit in on meetings outside of your field or provide a new perspective. The company recognizes that each one of us has more than a single skill to offer and that its employees are complex individuals. As such, Avighna welcomes employees to broaden their understanding of the different departments at our company, shaping them into the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.
With offices in Mumbai, India and Sharjah, UAE, the company will soon be expanding to other burgeoning towns domestically as well as internationally. Avighna seeks professionals in marketing, construction, architecture, project management, shipping trade, legal services, facilities management, and real-estate sales.
Impressive candidates will have the opportunity to learn within a supportive work environment, to have direct interaction and guidance from executive management, to travel while liaising with partners and potential customers, and to grow quickly alongside the A-team at Avighna.

The team at Avighna looks forward to connecting with you.

Career Opportunities 

Project & Execution:
1. Project Head

Liaison Department:
1. Manager – Liaison (BMC)
2. Executive – Liaison (BMC)

1. Assistant Manager – Copy & Digital Marketing
2. Content Writer

For employment inquiries, send your curriculum vitae to

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