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Empowering individuals, transforming communities

Committed to the cause of community-building, good citizenship, social responsibility and sustainable development, Avighna Group views its contribution to social, environmental and health-care initiatives as an investment in the nation’s future. As a socially-conscious organisation, the Group is dedicated to the cause of health and education, and aligned with programmes to help underserved individuals and communities, especially the women, children and the aged. Be it organizing health camps to treat vision-impairment or supporting social improvement programs through Tribal Integrated Development and Education Trust (TIDE), social service is embedded in the ethos of Avighna Group.


The Group has been actively involved with healthcare interventions in Mumbai as well as other parts of the country. From providing financial assistance to needy patients and organising health camps for vaccinations, to supporting malaria eradication programmes and thalassemia awareness drives Avighna’s association goes beyond funding and facilitation. Chairman Shri Kailash Agarwal’s generous contribution for renovation of the ICU at St. George’s Hospital provided a much-needed overhaul to upgrade the equipment and provide the best care to thousands of patients. The annual eye-camps organised by Avighna Group take reputed doctors to the most remote parts of the country, administering eye check-ups and conducting cataract operations for the needy patients, integrating them with their families and giving them a new lease of life. Avighna’s eye-camps have touched the lives of more than 120,000 beneficiaries across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bihar.


Avighna Group is conscious about the importance of education and the need for resources that will ensure a bright future and new opportunities for underprivileged children. The Group supports NGOs that introduce educative technologies to students, teaching them useful life-skills and providing tools that assist them in their daily life. Through an Integrated Child Development Scheme, young children in Gujarat’s Banaskantha and Patan region are given additional classes to help them make the shift to secondary school.

Community Development

In order to assist the growth of communities, Avighna Group supports NGO TIDE which distributes vegetable seed packets for farming, develops water conservation infrastructure for agriculture, enables rainwater harvesting and provides clean drinking water. The management has provided hand pumps to augment water supply in remote villages as well as generously supported relief measures after natural calamities in the country.

By contributing to conservation of environment, Avighna enables communities to rebuild their lives. The Group has also contributed to building of changing rooms on the banks of Holy Ganges for the benefit of women devotees.

As a conscientious NRI, the Group Chairman funded the tickets of hundreds of fellow Indians who were stranded in UAE and were keen to return home under the Government’s Amnesty Scheme.