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Company Profile


Avighna House

Avighna Group is a niche real estate organization, with world-class projects in the financial capital of the country. Adopting the one-great-project-at-a-time philosophy, Avighna Group has executed landmark projects that have redefined the skyline of Mumbai metropolis.

The Beginning

The Group has its roots in Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC, founded in Dubai in 1988 as a company providing shipping solutions for specialized petroleum products. The company scaled up operations with forward integration in Asian and European markets, venturing into allied sectors. Before long, Avighna Group became one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, with a fleet of 17 vessels and an annual turnover of over US$100 million. The superb commercial success and the sound financial position set the foundation for a solid footing in the real estate sector.

Move to Mumbai

In 1999, the Group’s core operations were relocated to Mumbai under the auspices of Avighna India LLP and the promoters ventured into creating world-class living spaces for discerning buyers. In just a decade, Avighna had an impressive portfolio of projects to its credit - a diverse range of luxury residential high-rises, office towers and mixed-use developments that fuse the best of Indian heritage with global aesthetics.

Avighna Assurance

A debt-free company with healthy cash flows and robust internal accruals, Avighna Group enjoys a solid reputation in the real estate industry as a developer that delivers. The Avighna Assurance means that the buyer is always assured of best quality in good time.

  • Debt-Free Group, Robust Internal Accruals
  • 20-Year Tradition of Excellence
  • Commitment of On-Time Delivery
  • Professional Management, Proficient Team