Lower Parel – Top Area To Buy Residential Flats In Mumbai

Lower Parel – Top Area To Buy Residential Flats In Mumbai

Each neighbourhood in Mumbai has its own distinctive character depending on the infrastructure, culture, amenities, ocean proximity, scenery, connectivity, and much more. Business tycoons, entrepreneurs, celebrities of the city have all inhabited the central and most radical areas of the city that offer all the trappings, amenities, and facilities of the big city. Some areas are rated at a higher number than others. One such neighbourhood is Lower Parel, that caters to the affluent population of the city. Let us take a look at the location benefits and other offerings provided by a residential flat in Lower Parel.

South Mumbai has always carried a certain charm and while a certain part of Lower Parel area is crowded and not so glamorous, there is an entire world’s difference in the greater Lower Parel where some of the most iconic personalities including celebrities and entrepreneurs live. It was famous for the mills in the yesteryears which now houses open spaces for potential real estate projects, clubs, malls, and major shopping as well as entertainment centres. Lower Parel offers a huge location advantage across multiple verticals of investing in any property. If you decide to reside in a 3 BHK apartment in Lower Parel, it would not disappoint in any way. This is the number one reason why the requirement for ready to move in homes in Lower Parel are in such great demand.

Lower Parel is extremely well connected to all the trading and business hubs of Mumbai and then some. It offers an amazing sea view, breathtaking cityscape, and the best oceanic winds blow strong enough to persuade anyone to move into one of the flats in Lower Parel to build a life of their dreams. Here are some of the reasons why living in Lower Parel is the absolute best experience ever!

  • Investing in residential flats in Lower Parel has its own charm. Lower Parel is the part of South Mumbai and offers rich history and culture. The tales of yesteryears, stories of age-old mills, heritage of the traditional structures, various religious places that attract huge crowds, and the extravagant shopping centres all part of the everlasting charm. They attract not only Mumbaikars, but the tourists that visit Mumbai.
  • The seaside crusade paired with western winds never fails to claim unfading attention towards itself.
  • The wider roads, lesser traffic, and amazing roadway connectivity to all the parts of Mumbai makes the residential flats in Lower Parel a coveted prize.
  • Lower Parel is also famous for a great night life. Night clubs, casinos, discos, cafe-bars, the options of entertainment are endless.
  • The shopping centres, spas, meditation centres, etc offer a luxurious experience to the residents of lower Parel without any hassle. Shopping is an enjoyable leisurely activity enjoyed by many in Lower Parel.
  • The biggest location advantage of Lower Parel, however, is it’s easy connectivity to all the money capitals in the city. The stock exchange, gold market, diamond trading, and ocean trading ports are all easily accessible from the residential flats in Lower Parel, which makes life of an entrepreneur or an industrialist extremely hasslefree.
  • It is also well connected by roadways and railways to the major industrial and commercial capital of Mumbai, such as Nariman Point, Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC).
  • BKC and Nariman Point are the two most important commercial hubs and they are both conveniently located at the distance of approximately 20 minutes from residential flats in Lower Parel.
  • BKC or Nariman point are the biggest commercial areas, however they are either not residential or offer too little to no space for living a lavish lifestyle. Lower Parel offers a perfect living option in this scenario with the ever growing residential flats in Lower Parel.
  • It is also in the close vicinity to the major educational institutions which is ideal for raising the family in an affluent atmosphere.
  • Emergency services such as Ambulance, access to world class hospitals and medical care are all offered by the location to all the residential flats in Lower Parel.
  • The latest developments in the city such as proposed metro plan and new highway connecting to Navi Mumbai are about to make travelling even more convenient and hassle-free.
  • The capacious homes in Mumbai are offered by residential flats in Mumbai with a promise of a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle that is worth being jealous of.
  • Lower Parel is one of the rare locations in the city that offers all the advantages of the extravagant lifestyle and then some.That is the reason why the richie rich population of Mumbai inhabit this area.

Lower Parel is the elite area of Mumbai and is quickly growing in popularity. Investing in residential flats in Lower Parel to experience a luxurious lifestyle is possible only in Lower Parel!

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