A curated checklist for buying property in Mumbai.

A curated checklist for buying property in Mumbai.

Mumbai, the Golden City, is filled with dreams and endless possibilities. The city itself is a magnificent amalgamation of classic heritage aesthetics and modern cutting-edge architecture. The winding victorian architectural streets of South Mumbai, the plush Suburban galore and the speedy development of North Mumbai makes this city a distinct destination to dwell in. The beauty of the city is interlaced with a stretch of the bright blue ocean that truly adds a touch of calmness in this city’s madness. Amidst the fast-paced life of the city, it is one’s home that is a real escape for any individual. If you are looking to find your dream home among the flats for sale in Mumbai, you need to keep certain parameters in mind. Home buying is a crucial decision; one should ensure that no stone is left unturned while selecting an apartment in Mumbai. Real Estate Developers in Mumbai are plenty, but the choice of selecting the right home is a calculative task.

Here are a few factors for you to keep in mind while buying a property in Mumbai:

The right setting for the right property:

In the city, the selection of the right location of flats for sale in Mumbai is the real ball game. A location that is well connected and adequately developed defines the flexibility of your daily lifestyle. The choice of location should offer seamless connectivity to major locations of the city, educational centres, healthcare facilities, recreational areas, markets, etc. Mumbai is upgrading its infrastructure at a rapid pace, especially in terms of road development along with the introduction of new metro routes. Good connectivity is what contributes to the real sense of comfort and ease in your life. A favourable location also determines the view you will enjoy by your house every day. For example, a home with close proximity to the sea will equip you with a view of idyllic bays and turquoise waters while a high rise home at the heart of the city will pay an ode to the skyline view of the cityscape. The area of the residential flats in Mumbai also determines the availability of electricity and water supply, as well as job opportunities. Therefore, while buying your home, keep the setting of your home at utmost priority.

The real chase is space:

Space is everything when it comes to buying the abode of your dreams. In a city where every square foot is squeezed in to meet the ever-increasing demand for housing, owning a spacious home is a luxurious affair. Most real estate builders are on a constant loggerhead to build homes with the optimum amount of square feet at the best price. Builders in the city generally prefer to mention the super built-up area in brochures. This calculation includes the common areas like staircases, lobby, pillars, etc. These surplus areas stated by real estate developers in Mumbai sometimes result in an increase of 30 percent of the area as compared to the actual carpet area. While making a decision to choose an apartment that meets your needs, keep future developments in mind as well. Ensure that you know the details of the area and pay the right price for the space offered. Go for homes with a striking tray ceiling that adds to the sense of generosity and volume to your home. Select apartments that are spaciously refined and well-appointed with your needs.

Quality builders for quality homes:

Mumbai, as a city, is well planned and holds great value in terms of development on a global platform. There is no shortage while finding options for real estate developers in Mumbai. The city boasts numerable commercial avenues like malls, IT development parks, marketing spaces, and commercial areas established by stalwarts of the Indian realty market. Decide wisely when it comes to the selection of the preferred locality you wish to reside in and check the suitable real estate developers in Mumbai. Opt for experienced developers who have created a name for themselves in the industry; check their delivery track record and work of excellency. You must also watch out for the quality of the construction materials and the kind of land involved in building the project. The developer should be committed with an impressive record of timely possession of quality flats with a credible reputation. There is one more alternative aspect that you as a homebuyer can measure other than their goodwill; check whether the builder has taken any financial assistance from a reputed bank. If the developer has passed through the stages of a bank’s rigorous assessment and paperwork, they are worth being trusted. 

The offerings that come with your future home:

As they say, God is in the details. After shortlisting a few homes, you need to inquire about the offerings that come with the home. Examine the layout plans to check the inclusiveness of all the amenities that are being promised to you by the developer. A premium real estate developer in Mumbai provides amenities that meet the needs of your family members. Amenities like great ventilation, unmatched connectivity, a garden, a swimming pool, clubhouse and walking pathways are a few amenities that suit all age groups. Today, both budget flats for sale in Mumbai, as well as luxurious flats in Mumbai, offer a plethora of amenities in order to rise above the competition. Large sunny windows that offer glorious amounts of light add a touch of subtle sophistication to ready to move flats in Mumbai. Also, look out for transparent dealings offered for residential flats in Mumbai. If the project is under construction, make sure the property comes under the ambit of RERA. Verify the project and its information on the official web portal of RERA to receive full assurance on the credibility of the project. In case of ready to move in flats, insist on receiving the Occupation Certificate or Completion Certificate from the authorities.

These factors, if assessed effectively, will surely assist you in buying your dream abode in the city of Mumbai.

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